ESM Software Development Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the license of the basic ESM visual tracking software?
This work has been fully funded by INRIA. The basic version of the ESM visual tracking software is provided for research purposes only. A license must be obtained from INRIA for commercial applications. See the LICENSE file provided with the software.
Do you have a PRO version of the software available?
Yes. A PRO version of the ESM software is available, please contact Dr. Ezio Malis.
Which OS does it work under?
The ESM software works on Linux and Windows.
The basic vesion of the ESM software did not work for my image sequence. Why?
The available simplified version of the software only works under the following conditions:
  1. tracking rigid planar objects or any rigid object at infinity
  2. the object must be sufficiently textured
  3. small displacements of the tracked object between two consecutive images
  4. no illumination changes
  5. no occlusions
Please verify that you used the software according to the conditions given above.
I have used the ESM software under nominal conditions but it did not work for my image sequence. Why?
The ESM software has two input parameters that you can adjust to improve its performance. Try to increase the number of iterations and/or decrease the precision. The default parameters have been chosen for tracking at 100Hz an area of interest of 100x100 pixels with a Pentium 4 3.2GHz.

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